The People of the Current

Sulu- In the mind of the typical Filipino, this word brings images of islands full of scary groups like the MILF and Abu Sayyaf. Who wouldn’t? Mainstream media has made it a region notorious for armed conflicts between the military and insurgent groups.

I want to help people who want to know more about Sulu go beyond the sensationalism of Philippine media. I made this blog not only to express myself as a member of the Tausug tribe and as a citizen of the Philippines but also to let others know that there is more to Sulu than what is known by most people (i.e., more of its natural beauty and more of its social problems).

If God enables me, then I shall do what I can to uplift ARMM. I would even run for government office! The economic statistics of this region tells that it is not handled well by its local government officials. It’s not really a mystery. The primary reason for these official’s power is their economic capacity to campaign during the elections. Their skills are not really questioned by the people. I am here to do that. I am here to become a voice for the people of the south.


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